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The crew of Ian's Lawn & Outdoor Services is the professionals who will be able to assist you with all of your needs from cutting down a tree, Pruning &Trimming beautification, & all aspects of tree work above & between to all shapes & sizes means You can get best tree services Perth area .

Trees are an important part of our environment, but sometimes maintenance is a necessity when they grow in our gardens and cities.If you have wnated more longevity of your gate then need color bond fencing installation Perth.

tree services Perth


At Ian's Lawn & Outdoor Services our professional tree maintenance specialists have years of experience in tree maintenance, care, and lopping.We provide Tree services in South perth, Claremont, Kelmscott,Gosnells area at affordable price. There are many reasons you should maintain your trees regularly. Trees can become infected with various fungi that slowly kill their limbs. If not properly cared for, these limbs weaken and fall off during storms. This can cause injuries and damage to surrounding the property. You might have a large tree in your garden that tends to block light from entering your house. With our tree maintenance services, we can reduce the size of the tree while maintaining the integrity of your garden. Office and apartment blocks with overgrown trees can use our tree lopping services, too.

Tree lopping
Tree lopping is the process of removing the top of a tree when it’s situated in a confined area or is causing an obstruction. Our tree lopping team always ensures they take the greatest precautions when removing limbs from trees. We pride ourselves in being environmentally friendly, so all removed pieces are recycled. We do all the work, so you don’t have to. Our team will clear every piece of debris away after the job is complete, leaving the area as clean as when they arrived. Our tree lopping services are particularly important in areas where they might obstruct power lines or interfere with daily activities like driving.

Tree Care
Once a tree has been pruned, it requires regular maintenance, especially trees that were treated for infections. Tree care can also prevent healthy trees from growing fungi and can enhance the beauty of any garden, be it private or a park. At Ian's Lawn & Outdoor Services, we know how to care for any tree species. We also offer regular hedge and shrub trimming services. Our professional tree maintenance specialistrs are knowledgeable on best practices for tree care and will always ensure your garden, park or commercial property receives the best care.

Sometimes it is necessary to remove a tree. This can be because of the tree maybe causing damage to pipe-works or foundations, excessive moisture, unhealthy or diseased and cannot be remedied, preventing extensions or other property enhancements, no longer attractive nor wanted.

At Ian's Lawn & Outdoor Services we are passionate about all things trees. Tree pruning is an essential part of any garden maintenance strategy. We do our best to preserve the integrity and beauty of every tree we prune. Our awesome team knows everything there is about trees, hedges, shrubs, and vines. We can neaten up wild shrubs, straighten hedges and clear away vines that are blocking entrances and windows. Pruning not only makes plants stronger but, it also helps them look more beautiful. These services are perfect for commercial properties, like hotels and business parks which need their trees and shrubs to stay immaculate. We use different tree pruning techniques like Dead wooding, Crown and canopy thinning, Crown lifting, Vista tree pruning, Directional and formative tree pruning.

At times brutal weather conditions can uproot even the healthiest of trees. If a tree on your property is damaged by a storm. We will work to diagnose the severity of the damage, and identify if the tree can be repaired through sawing ripped branches, removing branches around storm-damaged sections, bracing poorly attached limbs, or straightening or replanting smaller trees and shrubs. If a tree on your property has been completely uprooted and is beyond repair, we will safely remove the tree from the premises and clean up any leftover debris.Get more information about tree services click on the websites.

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